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Who We Are

Rapport Education exists to help families identify why their children are having difficulty learning and find and implement solutions that empower students to learn. We believe the key to unlocking a student’s desire to engage in learning is a quality and caring relationship. It is through this supportive relationship that truly meaningful learning can take place.

What We Do

Building good rapport with students and meeting them at their academic and developmental levels are the cornerstones of a successful relationship between mentor and student. Rapport uses this foundation to open the doors to life-altering light-bulb moments, sustainable learning habits, and life-long confidence in achievement. During our sessions, tutors follow a specialized curriculum and help your student develop personal learning strategies specific to their needs.

How We Do It

In order to serve individual needs, we blend tutoring which focuses mainly on teaching within a specific academic field with research-based educational therapy strategies. The results of the diagnostic assessment are interpreted personally, not through a computer program, and a personalized curriculum is developed. Each one-on-one session is, therefore, highly tailored and specific to your child’s needs. Ongoing informal assessment guides the instruction over time, taking into account progress that has been made and the goals that remain.


From the Source

“She is a very kind and compassionate teacher.  We always feel like she takes plenty of time to listen to our concerns.  We are so grateful to have found Melody to help us.”

Parent of 3rd grader
Field Elementary School

“We are so pleased with our son’s progress.  He now knows he can learn to read and write and has even started to want to read books on his own.  I cannot tell you how much joy that brings us.”

Parent of 4th grader
Field Elementary School

“Our son is a very active boy and Melody has always been very patient with him, she seems to have a great ability to make learning fun and keep him focused.”

Parent of 5th grader
Field Elementary School

“I appreciate how thorough her lessons have been -during each session she covers a lot of material with a direct and personal teaching style.”

Parent of 11th grader
L.A. County High School for the Arts

“Melody has always been patient, kind, and reliable. She has helped our  daughter develop her math and critical thinking skills.”

Parent of 12th grader
L.A County High School for the Arts

“You managed to make [math] fun, educational, and instrumental to her future.  She now finds it easy to understand and LOVES math.”

Parent of 5th grader
Marengo Elementary School

“You have been a blessing to our children, as well as us, and we can never thank you enough for all you have done.”

Parent of 6th grader
Marengo Elementary School

“Our son has ADHD and a learning disorder and Melody has been wonderful with him, which I feel is the most important quality.”

Parent of 9th grader
San Marino High School

“Melody taught him what he needed to know, but more than that she exhibited grace, patience, support and humor.  She has a gift of being able to explain a subject whether it is math or English, reaching out to a student in a positive, uplifting manner.”

Parent of 8th grader
Santa Fe Middle School

“His first semester grade was a D+ and that included an F on his semester mid-term.  Our son was extremely discouraged and began feeling that he was “stupid”.  By the end of the school year, he passed his final with an A-.  Pretty amazing.  Melody has been the key to unlocking our son’s understanding of Algebra and rebuilding his self-esteem.”

Parent of 7th grader
Santa Fe Middle School

“After one session, he felt encouraged and hopeful that he could actually learn  and pass this class.”

Parent of 7th grader
Santa Fe Middle School

“In a short period of time, with tutoring in math, English, and Social Studies, he has improved so much in school and moved up to almost grade level.”

Parent of 10th grader
South Pasadena High School

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