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Diversify Your Staff

At Rapport Consulting, we understand that in today's competitive marketplace, building a successful team requires embracing diversity. We specialize in supporting neurodivergent team members and the managers they work with through tailored training, one-on-one coaching and targeted, company wide seminars to help build a more inclusive work culture.


We offer a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions to support neurodivergent individuals and foster inclusive workplaces. From our flagship 6-Month Support Program, empowering new hires with essential skills, to our Inclusive Leadership Training, equipping managers with tools for success, and customizable follow-up sessions addressing specific concerns, we are dedicated to guiding organizations towards greater efficiency, satisfaction, and success.


Inclusive Leadership Training

Our comprehensive suite of trainings equips your management team with the essential tools to effectively support neurodivergent staff members, enhance communication skills, navigate diverse workplaces with sensitivity, and make intentional hiring decisions. Our tailored approach meets your team members where they are, catering to all experience levels. From addressing legal considerations to maximizing team performance, let us guide you through every aspect of inclusive leadership.


Comprehensive 6-Month Support Program

Our flagship offering, tailored to meet the needs of new hires, provides ongoing guidance and support to ensure their success in the workplace. Through targeted interventions such as time management strategies, communication toolkits, and personalized assistance, we empower employees to not only meet but surpass workplace expectations. Additionally, regular manager meetings are included to facilitate the identification and implementation of accommodations essential for the thriving of neurodivergent team members.


Customized Follow-Up Sessions

Extend the benefits of our 6-month program with optional ad hoc sessions, tailored to address specific concerns identified by talent and management teams. Our expert consultants are here to troubleshoot any challenges hindering your team's efficiency, providing targeted support and solutions to ensure continued success in the workplace. Let Rapport Consulting guide you towards a more productive and harmonious team dynamic.

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